Mission Statement & Core Values

Caring for our pets, clients, and East Nashville community with compassion and an emphasis on education is our mission at 5 Points Animal Hospital.

Core Values

  • Compassion: We see compassion as our core value. We aim to unconditionally demonstrate empathy, kindness, and acceptance.
  • Communication: We see clear intentional communication and feedback between each other as the most effective way to foster diverse ideas, ensuring our clients and employees are getting what they need.
  • Care: We are devoted to providing quality care to all patients and clients. That requires all team members to consistently work to improve our knowledge and skill base by regular continuing education.
  • Community: Commitment to regular community engagement is important to 5 Points, but so is the creation of a community environment in the workplace. Community is about a space that sponsors meaningful connections between team members, and where these connections are forged, bolstered, and respected.

“I absolutely adore the team at 5 Points Animal. My girl, Lola, is so at ease and happy when she goes. Dr. Good is her doc, and he’s fantastic, as are all of the rest of his team.”

Cheryl S.