Dr. Susan Murray - Veterinarian

Dr. Susan Murray was born and raised in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and is thrilled to live in the region again.

She obtained a B.S. in biochemistry from WKU and her DVM from Auburn University. When she realized at an early age that her dreams of becoming either a horse or a running back in the NFL were highly unlikely, she decided to become a veterinarian and has never looked back.

She and her husband have had many pets over the years from Irish wolfhounds to foundling kittens. While at Auburn, she adopted a pair of senior, sibling blood donor cats. Having never lived in a home before, they met each experience with curiosity and adapted quickly to their surroundings, learning to love their new lives. They showed her the value of openness to different people and possibilities. This has endured in her interests in travel, learning about different cultures, and history.

When not working, Dr. Murray enjoys reading, hiking, and enjoying nature. An online quiz revealed that her spirit animal is a lion, which explains her inability to become a horse as a child.