So You Have Adopted a New Dog! Now What?

Your entire family is so excited about the arrival of your newly adopted dog! So, of course you want to make his first day at your home as perfect as possible. To help you get ready for this important homecoming, 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to share with you a few tips. We want you to be prepared for this special day. Following these tips, you will feel confident about bringing your new pet home.

Assign responsibilities to your family members.

When you have a new dog in the house, you will have many things to do for your dog. That’s why it helps to give different responsibilities to each member of your family. These responsibilities include feeding and walking your dog, as well as letting the dog out to go to the bathroom.

Get the supplies ready.

Your new dog will need food, water and food bowls, a collar and leash, and some toys. The Humane Society of the United States also recommends getting an identification tag for your pet.

Be ready to house train.

No matter what age your newly adopted dog may be, he or she may not necessarily house trained. Were given information about house training when you adopted your dog? If so, make sure you and your family have read it thoroughly! 5 Points Animal Hospital strongly recommends being consistent when maintaining the routine. You want to be sure you are taking your dog out at the same times every day.

Bring your dog into 5 Points Animal Hospital to be sure he or she is healthy.

Since animal shelters take in all sorts of dogs from many different situations, your dog could possibly contract a virus from another dog who has never been vaccinated. Although animal shelters do as much as possible to prevent viruses from spreading, it can happen. This is why you need to bring your new dog by our office within the first week of adoption. Here at 5 Points, we want to make sure he or she has no health issues. We can get your dog up to date on vaccinations. In addition, if your dog has not been spayed or neutered at the animal shelter, you can make an appointment with us for this important medical procedure.

Remember to be patient with your new pet, as it can take several weeks for him or her to adjust to living at your home. For all of your pet needs, contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital. We are happy to help you with welcoming your new dog to your home!

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