Attention Nashville Pet Owners

Hello to our wonderful Pet Owners!

The 5 Points team is excited to let everyone know about two new tools launching on Tuesday, April 3rd!

The first one is a mobile app called Pet Desk that will help you (and us) manage all of your pet’s healthcare via your smartphone! Pet Desk interfaces with our medical software, so that after downloading the Pet Desk app, you can easily access your pet’s medical records, make appointments, request refills, and receive reminders for medical services that are due, just to name a few of the great things this new app can do. Visit Pet Desk in your smart phone’s app store to download this amazing tool for free!

The second one is a new online pharmacy that we are partnering with called Vets First Choice. All of our pet owners will now be able to order new prescriptions or refills via our website at prices that are competitive with all of the top pet online pharmacies and receive these medications at home! In addition to medications we carry in our office, Vets First Choice carries any medication your doctor may want to prescribe for your pet including compounded medications, heartworm preventatives, flea and tick control products, prescription diets, supplements, and over the counter products such as shampoos, ear cleaner, etc…. Our new pharmacy will be easy to use, secure, and convenient, as it interfaces with our medical software to store your pet’s prescription history and any requests you make for prescriptions online without you having to call us. Even better, the shipping is usually FREE! For more information, you can visit Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy online.

We are SO excited to be able to offer our clients these new resources for their pets, and we will be sending you a welcome email on April 3rd from Pet Desk and Vet’s First Choice with more detailed information about how to best utilize these tools to more efficiently manage your pet’s healthcare.


Dr. Grace and the 5 Points staff

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