Avoiding Cat Obesity

Even though the Internet is filled with memes featuring fat cats to be humorous, the reality of cat obesity is not very funny. The best way of preventing your cat from reaching the point of obesity is to keep up with the appropriate feeding schedule that is recommended for your cat. Our staff at 5 Points Animal Hospital can tell you how often and how much to feed your pet, and this will depend on your cat’s age and activity level. By not allowing your cat to gain excess weight, you are avoiding the obesity problem because cats can have a hard time losing extra pounds. We would like to give you some tips from Doctors Foster and Smith about how to keep your cat at an ideal weight.

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Have fun with your cat and play!

Playing with your cat with interactive toys is not only a lot of fun, but it is a perfect way to get your cat to exercise. Exercising daily has many benefits for cats. They burn calories, of course, but physical activity also provides a way to relieve boredom, release energy, and stay active mentally. Their respiratory and circulatory systems are strengthened, and it tones muscles, keeps joints flexible, and aids in digestion.

Feed your cat the best food and the right amount.

The age of a cat has the most influence on diet. When cats are young, they need more protein, energy, and minerals. Older cats do not need to eat as much, even if they remain active. Whether or not your cat lives indoors can also make a difference on how much your cat can eat. Outdoor cats need to eat more in cooler weather because they need more energy to keep warm. The best way to monitor how much your cat eats is to not leave food out all the time. Provide food as meals to keep up with the amount of food eaten.

Make a habit of checking your cat’s weight.

It can be challenging for you to know if your cat has gained several pounds without actually weighing him or her. Make a regular habit out of weighing your cat at the same time during the day, and use the same scale every time. You will be able to see any increases in weight, which you can stop early to prevent it from becoming a worse problem. Start this habit when your cat is young as younger cats that are overweight can easily become obese adults, if this weight gain is ignored.

Pay attention to the amount of treats you give your cat.

One of the biggest causes of cat obesity, treats have excessive calories and little nutritional value. Giving your cat too many treats can be dangerous and add unneeded extra weight to your cat. Keep an eye on how many treats you offer your cat everyday. Honestly, cats prefer your attention over a treat, so take some time to groom or play with your cat instead of always reaching for treats.

Concerned about how much weight your cat has gained? Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital to find out the best food and feeding schedule to keep your cat from becoming obese.

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