Best Dog Breeds for Young Children

Your kids have been asking for a puppy, but you are not sure which kind of dog would be the best for your family. Although your children may want to pick out their new pet, it is a good idea to do some research on different dog breeds to find out which one is perfect for your lifestyle. To help you in your search for a family dog, 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to share with you some of the best dog breeds for younger kids. We hope to give you a better understanding of the options you have in finding the perfect pet for your entire family.


Gentle and patient, these two retriever breeds are recommended by Cesar’s Way as great dogs for growing children. Both golden and Labrador retrievers are kind, intelligent, eager to please, and easily trained, which are all great characteristics for good family pets. Your kids will love helping these dogs use up their endless energy by playing with them in your yard or local dog park.


These beautiful dogs love to play with kids, and they also enjoy snuggling on the couch because they are all about spending as much time as possible with their humans. While this breed typically has a sweet and gentle temperament, they do not handle teasing very well, so you will need to teach your kids the best ways to treat your new cocker spaniel to avoid moments of snapping and snarling.


Even though this breed is large, the average boxer loves children. Sweet, loving, and pack oriented, a boxer enjoys playing with younger kids and can handle rowdy behavior. Since boxers are very energetic, you need to be sure you can provide this dog breed with plenty of opportunities for exercise, or you may have behavioral problems like digging and incessant barking on your hands.


If your children are very active and adventurous, a beagle can be a great choice of dog breed as a pet. Your kids will spend hours of fun playing with a beagle, and you will enjoy watching them wear each other out as they run and play together. Even though beagles are a small breed, they are built tough enough to withstand high-energy activities, but you do need to make sure your kids are not overfeeding your beagle, as this breed has tendencies towards obesity.


According to Cesar’s Way, you can get the best of all worlds with a mixed breed dog. Some of the harsher traits of pure breeds are softened when they are mixed with another breed, and mutts do tend to be healthier overall and are in a greater need of rescue. If you are nervous about adopting a rescue mixed breed, you can talk to the shelter workers to find out more details about the dog’s personality to see if he is the right fit for your family.

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