The Dangers of Pet Obesity

Although you may think you are being nice to your pet by giving him lots of treats, you may be doing more harm than good. According to PetMD, the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) found that more than 58 percent of cats and 45 percent of dogs are considered as overweight or obese. Those extra pounds can cause problems with your pet’s health, including lasting damage to his bones, joints, and internal organs. 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to tell you more about the dangers of pet obesity and how you can avoid this health issue.

How do I know if my pet is overweight or obese?

Unfortunately, many pet owners do not realize their pets are obese until they begin to significantly slow down. PetMD suggests doing a check of your pet’s weight from time to time. You can feel around his midsection while he is standing. You should be able to easily feel his ribs and spine. If not, you can consult with our staff at 5 Points Animal Hospital about a weight loss plan for your pet.

What are the dangers of pet obesity?

Because your pet will have trouble breathing as well as problems with arthritis when he is overweight, his physical stamina will greatly decrease. This can make it even more difficult to lose weight. This also reduces your pet’s tolerance for exercise, which is an essential part of a weight loss regimen. Other health risks of pet obesity include diabetes, high blood pressure, liver disease, a lowered immune system function, and an increase risk of cancer.

How can I help my pet lose weight?

If you have noticed that your pet has put on some extra pounds, 5 Points Animal Hospital can talk to you about the best diet plan for him to help him lose weight. Depending on the age, breed, and weight of your pet, we can suggest the right food and exercise regimen for him. Even though some damage from obesity will always remain, other effects can be reversed through diet and exercise changes. It is important to stick to your pet’s new habits because the longer the extra pounds stay on your pet, the more damage is done to his health.

Beware the dangers of pet obesity. If your pet has gained weight, contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment to talk to us about a weight loss for him.

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