Dealing with Itchy Allergies in Dogs

Dealing with Itchy Allergies in Dogs Image - Nashville TN - 5 Points Animal HospitalYou will definitely know when your dog is suffering from itchy allergy problems by his constant scratching. Although allergy symptoms in humans can range from itchy eyes to runny noses to frequent sneezing, dogs have mostly skin-related symptoms. 5 Points Animal Hospital understands how hard it is to watch your dog try to relieve himself by scratching, chewing on his skin, rubbing against furniture, and shaking his head, and we are here to help you and your dog find some soothing relief. We would like to tell you more about dealing with your dog’s itchy allergy issues.

Find what is triggering the allergies.

The leading cause of allergies in dogs is flea bites, so you should be sure your dog is on a dedicated flea prevention regimen. Our staff at 5 Points Animal Hospital can recommend the best products for your dog. Dust, pollen, and other irritants can also get into your dog’s fur to trigger reactions. Frequent sweeping and vacuuming will help to prevent this type of allergy problems.

Give your dog frequent baths.

According to Vet Street, you should be giving your dog a bath at least once a week in the spring and summer to relieve allergy issues. If your dog has extra-sensitive skin, you may find that daily baths make a big difference. Regular baths will wash away the allergens from your dog’s fur to keep them from triggering itching and other reactions.

Treat serious allergy problems with medications.

If frequent baths do not seem to provide relief, your dog may have atopic dermatitis, and 5 Points Animal Hospital can help with immunotherapy, also known as hypo-sensitization. This treatment consists of small injections of allergens underneath your dog’s skin. We will show you how to give your dog these injections so that you can administer them at home. Another option we may recommend is medication that will prevent the triggering of allergic reactions instead of treating the symptoms from those triggers. This option can be beneficial as there are no side effects that can occur with the injections.

Keep allergy problems from making your dog uncomfortable. Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital to find out more about how we can treat these itchy allergies.

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