Dog Tricks Aren’t Just for Fun

Everyone enjoys when Fido, or in Seattle’s case, Frodo, does an exciting trick to make everyone laugh. It brings people together and provides enjoyment. Tricks can be extremely entertaining and fun, but many tricks play double-duty, giving purpose and motivation to teaching your dog basic commands, and beyond. They can provide safety, security, and purpose to your animal’s life, as well as create a stronger bond between human and pet. Regardless of the situation, there are many reasons to teach your animal tricks, past the basics of “sit” and “stay”. “Roll over” and “go to your spot,” among others, give peace of mind during stressful situations to both you and your pet.

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Several tricks can provide peace of mind for you and your family to ensure that your pet lives a long and healthy life. In your own home, commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “go to your spot” keep your animal out of your hair, and out from under your feet. Teaching your dog that it has a spot to call its own, whether a bed, chair, or crate, can provide very useful during stressful situations where the dog could cause an accident being in the way. This trick is perfect for mealtimes, when the last distraction you want is your dog begging at the table. The command moves your pet out of the situation, therefore minimizing the habit long-term. In the real world, “come,” is extremely useful when the dog escapes from the leash or its backyard. This command is useful regardless of where you live, but especially if you live in a city. Roads have proved deadly for animals of all sorts and sizes, don’t let your pet be one of them! Use “come” to retrieve your pet out of a potential threat, and keep it safe and sound.


When your pet is feeling anxious or over-excited due to outside stimuli, there are several steps you can take to calm your pet down. There will be instances where you want to distract your pet from other dogs or animals like birds or squirrels, or from small children, in which case using the commands “roll over” and “spin” will create a diversion and entertain your pet until the animal or child leaves or is removed from the situation. If your pet loves the “play dead” command, use it to check for ticks, fleas, or skin issues. This is a house-saving (in the case of fleas), and even life-saving trick that could save you and your family from a lot of hassle down the road.

With a solid dose of training, your pet will not only listen to you and follow your commands, it will be all the more safer and secure for doing so. You can ensure your dog’s safety inside and outside your home with the right training, but it’s also up to you to make sure it gets regular check-ups with 5 Points Animal Hospital. A pet with great obedience training still needs proper vaccinations to prolong its life. Call us at (615) 750-2377 for any questions you may have.

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