Fun Tablet Apps for Cats

It never fails that whenever you sit down to play a game on your iPad, your cat becomes so fascinated with what is on the screen that he tries to play along with you. If your cat seems to enjoy tablet games as much as you do, you will be happy to learn about a few apps that are made just for felines. To help you narrow down which apps would be the most fun for your cat to play with, 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to share some of our favorite ones from this PC World article, “Seven Apps for Playful Cats.”

Pocket Pondcat poking at a computer screen

If your cat loves to stalk your fishbowl, he will enjoy Pocket Pond. This is an app that gives him a digital bowl to watch and attempt to catch. Add more fish and buzzing dragonflies to inspire your cat to go into attack mode while you raise and feed the koi in the pond. Once your cat has grown tired of swatting at the fish and the flies, he can relax alongside you as you gaze into the rippling water. Available for iPhones, iPads, and Android devices, Pocket Pond is an app you can enjoy just as much as your cat.

Paint for Cats

Have you ever wondered whether or not your cat could be the next Van Gogh or Picasso? You can find out with this iPad app that combines paint splatters with mouse chasing gameplay. Once your cat has finished chasing the rainbow-hued mouse all over the screen, you will have his artistic masterpiece to save to your photo album and share to your social media accounts.

Laser Chase

Although your cat loves it when you get out your laser pointer for him to chase, you can get bored moving the pointer around after a while. This Android app does the work for you as it gives your cat a dancing red dot to chase down. You will have fun watching him frolic while you keep score. Every time your cat catches the red dot, he gets ten points.

Cat Playground

With multiple games included in this Android app, your cat can play Catch a Mouse, Laser Chase, Whack a Mouse, and Go Fishing. This app is perfect for cats that get easily bored as the four games provide a variety of play action. Our cats love the Go Fishing game because of the splashing sounds they hear every time their paws hit the screen.

App technology is not just for humans anymore as these tablet apps will provide hours of fun for your cat. For more information about toys and games for your feline friends, contact us today at 5 Points Animal Hospital. Our expert staff is happy to help you find a variety of fun ways to give your cat the exercise he needs.

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