Fun Ways to Exercise Your Dog

To keep your dog healthy and happy, you need to be sure he or she gets plenty of exercise. One of the easiest ways to exercise your dog is to take him for a walk every day. As much as you enjoy this daily activity together, however, you may be looking for ways to make exercise with your dog more fun and exciting. As the trusted veterinary center of East Nashville, 5 Points Animal Hospital understands how important it is for you to enjoy exercising your dog. If you have fun on exercise outings with your pet, you will want to keep up a regular healthy routine. We would like to give you a few exercise ideas to help you add some excitement to your and your pet’s fitness schedule.

Competitive Games

While it is always fun to play catch and fetch with your dog at the local dog park, competitive sport activities can really boost up the fun levels. To find this type of exercise for your dog, look for dog agility classes and games like Flyball, which Animal Planet describes as a relay race for dogs, in your area. Tracking is another competitive sport that allows your dog to run and hunt in a natural setting. You can also set up an obstacle course for your dog in your backyard or at the dog park for him to run and race with other dogs.


Summers in Nashville can be very hot and humid, and going swimming at the lake can be a great way to beat the heat. If your dog is an Irish Setter, a Golden Retriever, or another water-loving breed, he will greatly enjoy joining you on a swim. Other fun ways to exercise with your dog in the water are kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.


If you practice yoga, you may enjoy trying a few new poses with your dog. Also known as “doga,” dog yoga is a chance for you to bond with your pet by helping him find new ways to stretch. In the average doga class, you will also get the chance to do a bit of acupuncture and massage therapy for your dog, which can be very beneficial to his health as well.

Change up your exercise routine with your dog by trying these fun ideas. 5 Points Animal Hospital wants you to enjoy exercising your dog as much as possible. Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital for all of your veterinary needs and services.

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