January Is National Train Your Dog Month

We begin each year with resolutions to make improvements in our life, and, very often, at least one of these resolutions has to do with our pets, including training your dog. Since so many families adopt or purchase a new puppy over the holidays, the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) started a campaign to make the public aware of the importance of dog socialization and training and dedicated the month of January as National Train Your Dog Month in 2010. of At 5 Points Animal Hospital, we celebrate along with APDT, and as part of our commitment to this campaign, we wanted to tell you more about how important socialization is in the training process of your puppy.
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Socialization includes so much more than people and other animals.

When you think of dog socialization, you probably just think about getting your puppy together with the other members of your family, your friends, and other dogs and cats. However, socialization includes places, things, and activities. Your new puppy will be very curious and eager to explore the world. Whenever possible, you should bring your dog along when you to visit friends and family. If you have kids who play outdoor sports, bring the puppy with you to watch the games. You will also want to take advantage of nearby parks for walks with your dog. Your new pet will also take some time getting used to everything about your home. Certain appliances may startle your dog at first, but as your dog gets used to your family’s and home’s daily routines and habits, he will become more comfortable.

Socialization requires positive thinking.

In order to keep this process stress-free for you and your new dog, APDT has some tips for safe socialization.

A positive attitude equals fun for your puppy.

Allow your puppy to explore on his own. You can give your dog opportunities to take his time to approach new things.

Be respectful of your puppy. If your puppy seems afraid of something or is reluctant to do a certain thing, do not push or force him to do it. You can try to help your dog overcome his fear by laughing at the object or doing the action yourself.

Use common sense, but remember to stay positive. You want everything your new puppy experiences to be good and happy. If you think a person or experience may upset your dog, avoid these situations.

Studies have proven that well-socialized dogs are more secure and confident. To find out more information about getting started on training your new puppy, contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital. Take advantage of National Train Your Dog Month and start socializing and training your dog properly.

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