Ways to Keep Your Dog Active During the Winter

One of the most essential things you provide your dog is daily opportunities to exercise and be active. When it’s cold outside, it can be challenging to find ways to get that movement every day. While the Nashville area is fortunate to enjoy moderate temperatures for most of the year, winter still brings dangerous temperatures. Since 2011, 5 Points Animal Hospital has been helping the residents of East Nashville find ways to exercise their dogs when the temperature has dropped below freezing. Here, we will share some of our favorites.

Pet Exercise in Winter

Don’t give up that walk!

You may have to dress yourself and your dog warmly, you can still go for your daily walks when it’s cold outside. If there is ice or snow on the sidewalks, PetMD reminds you that any salt or de-icing chemicals can be harmful to your dog. Be mindful of what your dog is walking on.If you notice any, rinse off his paws after your walk to keep them from becoming irritated and prevent your dog from ingesting any residue.

Make meals and treats more interesting

Another way to keep your dog active is to switch his food dish with a feeding toy for some of his meals. According to several veterinary studies, working for his food helps your dog enjoy it more, and this will also aid his digestion by slowing down how fast he eats. When the weather outside is cold and stormy, 5 Points Animal Hospital also recommends making treat time more interesting by playing hide-and-seek with your dog’s favorite treats.

Spend time practicing new tricks

Take advantage of spending more time indoors by training your dog to do simple tricks, such as “sit” and “stay”. Our staff can help you find the best online dog training resources to use. We recommend only working with your dog on new skills for about 15 minutes to keep your training sessions fun for everyone.

Keeping up with a daily exercise routine is important for your dog’s health and happiness, no matter what the weather may be outside. Contact us today at 5 Points Animal Hospital for any of your veterinary questions or concerns.

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