Fun Places in Nashville to Take Your Dog

One of the many reasons why 5 Points Animal Hospital loves Nashville so much is the city’s warm-hearted attitude towards dogs. With numerous dog parks and hiking trails as well as dog-friendly bars and restaurants located throughout the city, you can bring your dog just about everywhere you go. We would like to tell you more about some of the fun places in our city where you can take your dog to help you plan a new and exciting adventure to share with your best four-legged friend.Fun Places in Nashville to Take Your Dog - Nashville TN - 5 Points Animal Hospital


A couple of decades ago, there was not really anywhere in Nashville where you could let your dog run around off-leash without risking paying a fine for violating the county leash law. Fast-forward to today, however, and you will find six dog parks around the city to explore. Since these parks are operated by the Metro Nashville Parks and Recreation Department, there are specific rules you must follow, including picking up after your dog and disposing of his waste. While these dog parks do not discriminate against certain breeds, any dog who shows aggressive behavior towards another dog must be leashed and removed immediately. Although 5 Points Animal Hospital loves all six of these dog parks, we must admit that we do have a favorite one, Shelby Dog Park, which is located not far from our office in East Nashville. One of the first dog parks in the city, Shelby has become a popular hangout spot for both dogs and their owners.


If you are a nature lover, Tennessee offers a wide variety of scenic spots and its state parks system provides hundreds of hiking trails, many of which are dog-friendly. Here in the Nashville area, 5 Points Animal Hospital recommends Long Hunter State Park as a fun place to take your dog. Located next to our largest body of water, Percy Priest Lake, this state park allows leashed dogs to accompany you on five of its nine hiking trails. We especially like the five and a half mile Volunteer Trail Day Loop for its lakeside views.


You will find many restaurants and bars here in Nashville with dog-friendly patio seating. While each place may have its own dog policy, you should always make sure that your dog is under control on a six-foot (or shorter) non-retractable leash. Remember that dogs cannot go inside a restaurant for any reason. Some of our favorite dog-friendly hangouts in our East Nashville neighborhood include Drifters BBQ, Two Ten Jack, Eastland Café, and Pomodoro East. We are looking forward to checking out the debut of the first-ever BarkPark, a three-month pop-up from BARK, the company behind BarkBox when it opens soon. With a $19-a-day membership pass, you can enjoy free WiFi at a coffee bar (or BYOB beer and wine) while your dog plays on a square block of green space right here in East Nashville.

As one of the best full-service comprehensive veterinary clinics in Nashville, 5 Points Animal Hospital knows the best dog-friendly spots in the area, but with new places opening up all the time, we could use your help. Contact us today and share with us your favorite fun place to go in our city with your dog. Our staff will pass along more of our recommendations, and we can also schedule an appointment for your dog’s annual wellness care visit when you call.

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