Signs Your Dog May Need to See a Vet

Signs Your Dog May Need to See a Vet Image - Nashville TN - 5 Points Animal HospitalYour dog is a treasured member of your family, and you would never want him to be suffering from an illness or any other ailment. However, your dog cannot complain to tell you what is wrong, which is why it is important to know the signs that tell you your dog needs to go see the vet. 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to tell you about some of these warning signs so you will be aware of any symptoms that need medical attention.

Changes in eating routines

According to HealthLine, it can be normal for your dog to skip a meal or two, especially in the summer when it is hot outside. However, missing more than two meals is a sign of something wrong. You should also take your dog to the vet if he begins eating more than normally.

Changes in coat

If you notice any rough, bald, or dry patches on your dog’s fur, your dog could have a problem with his food, an allergy, or a skin disease. Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital to find out what the problem could be.

Changes in energy level

When your dog is sluggish and lethargic, it is a clear sign that something could be wrong. Although fatigue and sore muscles can be normal in hot weather, you should bring your dog in for an exam if these symptoms last for more than two days in a row.

Changes in stool

Your dog should have moist stools that are small and firm. Dry, hard stools are signs of dehydration, dietary problems, and other sicknesses. If your dog is straining, having diarrhea, or bloody stools for more than two days in a row, you need to contact us to schedule an exam as soon as possible.

Changes in eye appearance

If you notice cloudy or red eyes, excessive discharge from the eyes, or squinting, this could indicate an infection. Bring your dog into the vet to get medication to clear up any sort of infection before it worsens.

Be alert to these warning signs to keep your dog healthy and happy. Contact us st 5 Points Animal Hospital to schedule an exam whenever you notice any of these signs.

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