Tags and Microchips for Your Pets

One of the biggest fears of any pet owners is losing their beloved pet. Since outside cats are not often in a contained space, they can easily wander off out of curiosity. Even though dogs are not typically allowed to roam freely, they can still get loose and run off to explore. When dogs and cats are out exploring, they can end up far away from home. For this reason, it is essential that your pet is wearing some type of identification at all times. With proper identification, your pet can be quickly returned to you. Unfortunately, many pets have no way to be identified. Our staff at 5 Points Animal Hospital knows what a nightmare it is to lose a pet, and we would like to help you prevent this from happening by telling you about how tags and microchips can keep your pets safe in case of an accidental separation.

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Identification Tags

An easy and inexpensive way to ensure your cat or dog can be identified is to put an ID tag with your contact information on your pet’s collar. Because your pet can always get lost, Vet Street recommends you leave your pet’s collar on at all times, even if you have an indoor dog or cat. The ASPCA reports that 80 percent of pet owners feel strongly about the importance of their pets wearing ID tags; however, only 33 percent of these people’s pets consistently wear ID tags. You never know when a fire or other natural disaster could occur that could cause your pet to become lost. If your cat or dog is not wearing his or her ID tag at the time, you could have a hard time finding your animal quickly.


Since ID tags can fall off the collar, the most secure form of identification is a microchip, which is a small electronic device that is injected underneath your pet’s skin. This device allows veterinarians, shelter workers, and animal control officers to identify your pet by waving a scanner over the area to receive your pet’s unique identification number to be able to search for that number in a database to contact you. This is why it is important to keep the microchip information updated. If you move or get a new phone number, make sure you update the information on the chip. 5 Points Animal Hospital can be sure the microchip has the correct information by scanning your pet once a year to check the details.

Losing your pet can be a horrible experience, which is made worse without a form of identification. Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital for more information about our microchip services.

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