Ticks: A Danger To Your Pet?

Does the thought of finding a tick on your precious pup causes you concern? If so, you may be right to be apprehensive. Why? Well, there is a possibility of a disease being transmitted from a tick bite! To avoid this possibility, the prevention of ticks and other parasites is key. This is especially true if your dog regularly walks in the woods or any area with tall grasses. Knowing how to keep ticks away from your dog, as well as how to safely remove them, is important. 5 Points Animal Hospital would like to tell you more about the dangers of ticks to your dog. In addition, what you can do to protect your pet!

Check your dog for ticks as soon as you can to reduce the risk of dangers to my dog.

You may hear a lot about tick transmitting diseases. However, you should know that not every tick is carrying a disease, according to The Spruce. One can never know whether or not the tick who picked your dog as a host is passing along something that could make them very ill and uncomfortable. So, you should always be aware of the threat of ticks when your dog has been in the woods, tall grass, or any other area known for ticks.

Additionally, you should make sure to check your dog for signs of ticks as soon as possible! The greatest danger of ticks can be when one remains on your dog for several hours. By that amount of time, any disease present will have started transmitting to your dog. This is why it is so crucial to thoroughly check your dog as soon as you can after spending time in an area known for ticks.

Be alert to symptoms of tick-borne diseases in your dog.

Ticks can be so tiny and hard to find, especially if your dog has long fur. Does your dog spends a lot of time in tick-heavy areas? If so, you should be alert to symptoms like fever and lethargy. These can appear after hours, days, and months of your dog being bit by a disease-carrying tick. Other symptoms range from weakness to joint swelling. If you notice your dog having trouble walking, they could be suffering from tick paralysis. This is a temporary condition that tends to disappear once the tick has been removed.

Reduce the dangers of ticks to your dog! How? Checking their body for them as soon as you can; especially after being outside in an area known for these potentially disease-carrying parasites. Have questions about removing ticks or noticing any symptoms? Then contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital for everything you need to know about ticks and your dog!

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