Which Vaccines Do My Adult Dog Need & Why?

One of the first things you need to do when you get a new puppy is to schedule an appointment with the vet to make sure your dog gets all the necessary vaccination shots to be as protected from diseases as possible. At 5 Points Animal Hospital, we take preventive care very seriously. When you come to our full-service clinic located in the heart of East Nashville for your pup’s first shots, we will talk about each vaccine and why they are needed before they are administered. Our patients’ owners often ask us about the necessity of every vaccination shot throughout their dogs’ lives. Of course, most local and state laws require that dogs be given rabies shots annually, but not every vaccination is needed every year of your dog’s life. We would like to tell you which vaccinations your dog needs and why.

Core Vaccines

The most important of the two general groupings of vaccines, core vaccinations protect dogs from widely distributed transmittable diseases, according to the Pet Health Network. Because it can also be easily transmitted to humans, rabies vaccinations are required every year under local and state regulations. The other core vaccines will give your puppy a lifetime immunity that protects him from canine diseases including distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus.

Non-Core Vaccines

This grouping of vaccines are non core because they prevent the canine diseases that are not as widespread and easily contracted as others may be. However, since they do not provide long-term immunity, non-core vaccinations should be given annually. 5 Points Animal Hospital will make recommendations for your dog to be vaccinated based on a risk assessment that looks at the levels of local and regional incidence of each disease. These diseases include Lyme disease, leptospirosis, canine cough complex, and canine influenza. Because of the abundance of ticks in the Nashville area, we typically do recommend your dog to get a Lyme disease vaccine shot each year. Since your dog also has a possibility of encountering wildlife at a park or greenway, we do suggest an annual leptospirosis vaccination as well. If you travel a lot and board your dog when you are away, we recommend getting him vaccinated against canine cough complex since this disease can be common in those environments. As for the canine influenza vaccination, we will take a look at the risk assessment for this disease before making a recommendation.

5 Points Animal Hospital also provides a full range of vaccination services for cats, along with diagnostics, surgeries and dental care for all pets. Contact us today to schedule a wellness appointment to make sure your dog is healthy and up to date on all necessary vaccinations.

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