Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Healthy

Having an indoor cat has many benefits for both you and your pet. They live longer, are less likely to develop many diseases that they would face in the wild. Protected from weather, cars, and predators, there containment gives you peace of mind. Keep your cat entertained and happy so they don’t get bored or depressed by using some simple tricks.

Keeping Indoor Cats Happy - Nashville TN

If your cat is a fan of catnip, it’s almost necessary to put the stuff wherever you can. They love it, and you will love seeing your cat reach that state of bliss. Plant it in a jungle-like setting with other cat friendly plants that aren’t toxic. Stuff it into toys and rub it on cat trees to encourage scratching. Use anything that gets them active and moving around. Play with your cat using a flexible rod with an affixed feather, or even the beloved laser pointer to keep it active. Make sure not to point it directly in their eyes though. Cheaper toys can be just as entertaining though. Any sort of box they can climb into, or wads of paper are perfect alternatives. Anyone with both kids and cats knows the usefulness of wind-up cars or bugs. Interactive activities are fun for both you and your pet, just get involved! Videos of wildlife or screensavers on your computer are a more passive entertainment for you. Sit back and relax while your cat attempts to swat at the animals on the screen.

Your cat is programmed by nature to love heights, especially because they love looking down on the world and everything they think is theirs. If the budget allows, getting them a cat tree with multiple levels is the best way to give your cat the best view in the house. Installing the cat tree near a window with a bird feeder is going above and beyond, but make sure there aren’t any other cats running around outside that could make your cat anxious or mad.

Keeping your home safe and sanitary are both important factors in keeping your cat thriving. Besides making sure that your home is free from food and plants that could make it sick, it’s good to know the signs in case something happens. Monitoring your cat for changes in its mood and energy level will help you diagnosis a problem more quickly. Lack of enthusiasm for food, water, or play is more obvious, but constant sneezing or panting can also be a sign that something is wrong. Taking your cat for its yearly exams is just as important as monitoring. We look for problems that you might not have noticed, and we take the important steps in ensure that your cat is in the best health possible. Call us here at 5 Points Animal Hospital today!

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