Why Do Cats Have Such Strange Eating Habits?

Lots of people have their own personal diet plans, and nutritionists don’t always agree on which one is best. The same can be said for our cats and their diets. Our cats have some strange ideas about what counts as food, some a little more off the wall than others. While it’s understandable that kibble and canned food every day might motivate a search for a few new supplementary delicacies from time to time, their choices never seem well thought out. These mysterious meal preferences and habits never cease to amaze us.

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Cats most commonly eat multiple small meals throughout the day, but some owners notice differences in the way their cats eat their meals:

  • Some cats gulp down their food like prison inmates, whereas others are more finicky and only pick at their food.
  • Some cats have been known to grab mouthfuls of food and run off to some hidden location to eat it before ultimately coming back and beginning the process all over again.
  • Some cats will eat only at specific times, when they think no one is around, or are completely disinterested in eating altogether.
  • Some cats are fond of hunting and will leave dead trophies for their owners.

There could be several reasons why your cat is disinterested in the food you’ve provided. The first is one that humans experience as well. We all love fresh food, and our cats are no different. If your cat has had the same food sitting in its bowl all day, it quickly becomes unappetizing. Try opening a new can of wet food, which almost always brings a cat running. A common concern, especially with indoor cats, is boredom. Cats like to hunt for their food and could be tired of you providing it for them. A foraging toy could help in this case, which makes your cat work to get its food out of the container.

If you’re providing your cat a vegetarian diet and have noticed changes in their behavior, the quick fix would be to cease with this particular diet. Cats rely on many nutrients provided from meat, including taurine or vitamin B12. Plant-based foods can’t satisfy their nutritional needs. The ideal diet would mainly be made up of protein and fats derived from small prey caught by a hunting cat. Again, however, it’s your decision and responsibility to monitor your cat’s diet and make adjustments, as you deem necessary.

Whatever your cat’s unique eating behavior may be, you must fully grasp the context in which he or she does this to gain a clearer understanding of the method to this madness. Both wet and dry cat food have nutritional value for your cat; some prefer the taste of one to the other, but providing both options is recommended. Dry food is better for your cat’s teeth, while wet food can be better for strong bone and muscle development. There are merits to both food options. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but it’s always recommended to consult your vet.

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