Why Does My Cat Pounce?

You are walking through your house when, all of a sudden, your cat jumps from out of nowhere to pounce on you. If this is a normal occurrence for you, you do not need to worry about your cat’s behavior. Cats typically pounce on their owners as a sign of playfulness, but there are certain situations when your cat pouncing may signal something is wrong. At 5 Points Animal Hospital, our staff not only cares about the physical condition of your pets, but we also are here to help you with your pets’ behavioral problems. We would like to tell you more about why your cat pounces and when you should talk to us about this behavior.

Why does my cat like to pounce on me?

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The biggest reason why your cat pounces is for your attention. Pouncing is how cats like to be playful, and they also like to see what kind of reaction you will have. According to Vet Street, your cat has figured out if you will chase after him or her after pouncing, and this interaction can be very rewarding for your cat. Your cat feels like this is his or her best way of getting your attention for playtime.

Is the only reason my cat pounces for playtime and attention?

Sometimes, your cat may pounce on you out of agitation, but the source usually does not have anything to do with you. Your indoor cat may see a neighborhood cat wandering around through the window and become upset because he or she cannot chase this cat. Your cat may redirect his or her aggressive behavior towards you instead. Additionally, your cat may become agitated when you move quickly around the house. If you are still, your cat will stay calm, but as soon as you get up to do something, he or she may start pouncing to show his or her irritation.

When should I talk to 5 Points Animal Hospital about this behavior?

When your cat’s pouncing increases in either frequency or intensity, you should bring your cat in to see us so that we can be sure there is no underlying health issue that could be causing this behavior. If your cat digs his or her claws into you when pouncing, we also recommend that you bring your cat in to see us. We can give you ways to redirect this playfulness with some easy play activities to keep yourself from getting injured by your cat’s claws.

Whenever your cat starts behaving out of the ordinary, it is a sign that there could be something wrong. Contact us at 5 Points Animal Hospital to learn more about cat pouncing and other feline behaviors.

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