Why Your Pet’s Dental Health Is So Important


When your pet is suffering from gum disease, PetMD warns that bacteria from the infection triggers your pet’s immune system, and this leads to inflammation, which can destroy tissue as it kills bacteria. When this inflammation is present, there is the risk of bacteria entering your pet’s bloodstream and spreading throughout their body. This can cause more infections and possible damage to other organs and body parts. 

Small dog holding a toothbrush in their mouth


Veterinary studies have shown evidence that periodontal disease is linked to heart disease like endocarditis. These pet periodontal disease studies have also found that there is a vicious cycle between this oral health problem and diabetes. If your dog is diabetic, they are at a much higher risk for severe levels of periodontal disease. Veterinary scientists have discovered that inflammation associated with gum disease affects blood sugar metabolism, so it is crucial to keep up with a regular pet dental cleaning routine if your pet is diabetic. Many times periodontal disease must be treated before diabetes can be stabilized. 


As we mentioned earlier, inflammation from periodontal disease can destroy healthy bone tissue in the mouth, and this can lead not only to missing teeth but also to a fractured jaw. Unfortunately, since the bone tissue in the mouth has been affected by inflammation, it can be difficult for the fracture to properly heal. This serious pet dental health problem can be extremely uncomfortable for your dog. 

The best way to avoid these serious pet dental health issues is to maintain a regular oral hygiene routine with your dog. 5 Points Animal Hospital can also help with our veterinary health services, which include exams and cleanings. Contact us today to schedule a dental cleaning during the month of February and save 10 percent in honor of National Pet Dental Health Month.

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